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What I'm currently staying up all night to think about.

Don't worry, I'm a night owl. 

The WE Program - Oasis+++

I've been working with Helen and the rest of the WE Program for several years now. Oasis is the end of one chapter, and the beginning of so many new ones. Oasis is a monitoring & evaluation app that helps the WE Program share, explore, and, reflect on the stories they work with every day in factories in Asia.

Oasis logo.jpg

Justice & Peace - Becoming Atoq

My third story for Justice & Peace is our most ambitious. For the past half-year I have been working with Atoq, a photographer & human rights defender from Lima, Peru. We have been turning his story into a digital art gallery that will be released soon.


DISC - Stories in the Park & Storytelling Gaming 

As part of the Dutch International Storytelling Centre, I help host storytelling nights, workshops and tell my fair share of stories. This summer I am hosting a series of pop-up storytelling events in The Hague and working on a new workshop series focusing on practicing storytelling through gaming.

DISC logo.jpg
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